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Paylease Access Removed:

With appfolio now accepting credit and debit cards, we will no longer allow tenants to pay via Paylease. If you have a recurring payment set up with Paylease, October 10 will be the last day we will be accepting payments.

Tenant F.A.Q.


Q 1. Can I paint the walls of the apartment after I move-in?
A Yes, we do allow Tenant(s) to paint the “drywall only” in their apartment. It is the Tenant(s)’s responsibility to paint the apartment back to white before the end of the lease term. Tenant(s) are not permitted to shellac, stain, texturize, or wall paper the dry wall, molding, trim-work, doors, closets, cabinetry, tile, or any flooring.
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Q 2. CURRENT TENANTS What should I do if I have a repair or my apartment needs maintenance?
A Please call your Superintendent first and then your Management Contact (information and contact numbers are given at the lease signing, Superintendent info is posted in the lobby of your building). If you have lost your “Helpful Hints Sheet” call the main office line, give your full name and current address to the receptionist and you will be transferred to your designated Management Contact. If you have tenant portal access, you can fill out a maintenance request online.
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Q 3. Is it possible to change apartments within Sky Management once I become a tenant?
A Yes, we are happy to keep you as a Tenant. All new and current Tenants and Guarantors will be required to fill out new applications and provide some updated paperwork for a re-approval process. In general, we do not recharge the application fee to existing Tenants and Guarantors. Inquire with the Leasing Agent about this policy for your situation.
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Q 4. How do I sign up to view my balance and pay online?
A The first step is to provide us with an e-mail address for each person who wishes to have access. Once we have an address we can e-mail you the invitation.
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Q 5. Is there a way to pay rent automatically?
A We offer two options for automatic rental payment. One is Online ACH and the other is Paylease. With online ACH you can go to the tenant portal and fill out a form with your bank account information and the amount to be withdrawn. With paylease, you can pay via credit or debit cards.
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Q 6. Are there any fees associated with ACH or Paylease?
A With the new ACH there is no fee. With Paylease, the fees depending on the type of payment as well as processing time.
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Q 7. Who do I contact to order internet service?
A Time Warner Cable services all of our Manhattan addresses and you can order online and receive a friend referral bonus from this link: Time Warner Specials
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